Friday, August 21, 2009

Inside and Outside

I have a new bedroom. And a new guestroom. And a new office....and living room. And I didn't move, I didn't purchase any new furniture, and I didn't spend much at all.

With the inspired guidance of my sister, Erika, all we did was move, remove, or replace. And because of that, my whole house breathes with a new energy. And strangely enough, so do I.

Now, I'm a firm believer in Inside first, then Outside. All change comes from Within, that I know. But how do I explain this??? Does this mean that my life experience is forever dependent on my surroundings? Am I a victim of my home furnishings?

Philip Humbert, PhD, is a coach and one of my favorite newsletter writers. One of his latest issues mentions the concept of a Personal Eco-System(tm). The idea is that "we succeed best when the environment supports us in accomplishing our most important tasks." He's even got a simple free assessment to help you figure out just how supportive yours is (or isn't).

Call it Feng-Shui, call it Interior Alignment, call it what you will, it works.

And looking at it all now, I see that my office (which had been crammed into one corner of the room because we had to have room for an air mattress for potential kids and guests), was not helping me get much done. Now, my office sweeps around the room in a graceful arc from Command Center to Action Center, with a quiet space in the middle for my little fountain, which gurgles happily away, playing with its shadow from the perfectly placed lamp.

So here's a thought...look around your office, bedroom, living room, even bathroom. Do you feel quiet and calm in rooms meant for rest? Are you energized to do more in rooms meant for activity? Are you inspired in rooms meant for creativity? If not, then something's amiss, out of place, or choked by too much stuff.

Want an assignment? Be courageous...change something. Change a lot if you like. Take this opportunity to REALLY make a shift in your space at work, at home, or even in your car. And then tell me if, by shifting your outside, you shifted your inside too.

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  1. Okay, okay! Due to popular demand, I will post photos of the transformed rooms I've mentioned above. Wish I'd done a "before" photo, but I think you'll get the idea with just the after. So in lieu of writing this late at night, I shall promise the photos tomorrow.